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Tips for Hiring Access Equipment


Whatever reasons you may need to hire access equipment for, it is essential that you are first well-versed with what you should look for. If you have some experience with this then it might be easier to grasp, but if you are new to it, then you should thoroughly look into the subject. Whether for construction or personal requirements, hiring access equipment requires a thorough understanding, mainly because the wrong decisions could result in major catastrophes including on-site injuries, which in turn can lead to more complications. So here are a few introductory tips to get you started.

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Know Your Budget

As with anything, the first step is to assess your budget. Do bear in mind though that is not one of those instances where you should compromise on quality just to grab a better bargain. If you have to go a little over the estimated amount for a better product, then it might be worth it. There are different types of access equipment available for hire at different rates, so it would be a good idea to have an understanding of the market and what you can expect.

Length of Hire

This is obviously specific to hiring the equipment as opposed to buying them, which is what most people opt to do. How long you hire the equipment for will also affect the cost. So if for instance you want to get hold of an electric scissor lift, you need to see for how long you need it, and whether the supplier will be willing to extend a discount if it is a long period. This is especially important for construction companies, as unnecessary hiring will only end up adding onto costs for no good reason.


This is another critical factor to look into. Anything can happen during the time of hire, including malfunctioning of the equipment. So before you sign any papers, make sure you ask them about their maintenance and servicing. If the equipment breaks or stalls while on hire, will they offer free maintenance? How functional is their technical support? Do they have enough people on board to tend to you? What about how much they know about the process? Remember that there could be new staff members who are still getting used to procedures, so you want utmost assurance that help can be sent immediately when you ask for it, instead of dilly-dallying on company policies.


When it comes to something like access equipment, reputation is everything. You want to be sure that they are known and respected within the community, and have testimonials to prove it too. Customer reviews are invaluable in this aspect, which you can refer to if necessary. Be certain that the company you are hiring from is credible, experienced, and accountable. The last one is particularly important. This includes being licensed to operate, so if something were to go wrong (god forbid), you have some leverage to take action. All of the above are definitely points to be considered if you are contemplating access equipment hire.

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