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Essential Tire Care Safety Tips for New Car Owners


Tire care is an important aspect of taking care of your new vehicle overall. Remember, the tires are the part of your vehicle that actually makes contact with the road. Therefore, tires are the most likely to get work out when not properly taken care of. Bad tires can make driving difficult, increase fuel costs, and make being on the road risky. Adequate tire care is broken down into paying attention to the car owner’s part and then taking the vehicle to a mechanic for a professional inspection on time. Here are several essential things new car owners should do to take excellent care of the tires and avoid expensive premature replacements:

Inspect the Tires Regularly

It’s relatively easy to look at the tires for visible signs of damage or deflation. Make it a habit to regularly check the tires for possible damage, even if you don’t really feel problems when driving. Experts recommend having tires checked every once a month. Also, don’t forget to request auto mechanics to check tires when you take your vehicle for professional do-overs.

Learn to Check for Tire Pressure

Much of the functionality of the tires in your vehicle depends on the air pressure inside. If the air pressure is too high, then the tire is too inflated and will be rigid. Rigid tires are an accident risk on slippery or wet roads and can be prone to punctures. If the air pressure inside is too low, then the tire is under-inflated. Under-inflated tires wear out easily, consume more fuel, and are also not very safe on the road. Car owners should learn to check for tire pressure properly. There’s the manual method, where you can unscrew the valve on the tire and insert a pressure gauge. That method can be messy and cumbersome. A better option is to install a tire pressure mentoring system in your vehicle to get immediate digital readings of tire pressure. Tire Pressure monitoring systems, like the ones you can find here, are more accurate and increases the overall resale value of your vehicle as well.

Read the User’s Manual

The car’s user manual will have some pointers on how to properly take care of the tires. Therefore, do read it. Specifically, understand what the load capacity of the tires is. Make sure you don’t overload the vehicle in any manner that would cause the vehicle to exceed the tire load capacity. For example, if you strap a heavy item (like a small boat) to the top of the car, the weight could be too much for the tires. Therefore, understand what the load capacity is and make sure you don’t exceed it.

Be Careful When Driving at High Speeds

High-speed driving has many risks. One of the main risks is seriously damaging tires, possibly as you accelerate. High-speed driving takes a toll on the tires because of excessive heat build-up and shock from road hazards. Therefore, don’t try to race on a car that’s not designed with tires for racing.

Finally, don’t forget to take your vehicle for a monthly, or at least bi-monthly, inspection of tires. If you are going on a road trip, ask the auto mechanic if the tires you are using are suited for the terrain you plan to travel on.

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