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Mistakes That Make a Brand Look Bad On Social Media


Social media is a factor that has a big say in today’s world of business. The fact that social media has so much power over the running of a business has been proven by the many examples of brands that made it big or failed over social media in the past several years. It is also the single biggest, fastest, most popular and cost-effective ways in which to run a business and get it the maximum reach that you can. However, just like it has its pros, social media also has its cons and simple mistakes that you make on it can really affect the way that people look at your brand. These are not mistakes that are technical but more to do with commons sense. Here are some of the most often seen mistakes that make a brand look bad on social media.

Content That Is Poorly Written

This is something that is so simple to know and should not be done. But sadly it is also one of the most commonly seen errors that a business tends to make. Sometimes, it so happens that the page has great images and videos, gets people interested with their interactive ideas and colour schemes and so on and then you begin to read and realize how poorly written the content is. What is the main thing that a potential customer would ask themselves when they see something like this? This would be along the lines of, ‘can a business that can’t or isn’t bothered with correcting grammar and spellings on their page or unable to get good content, be capable of providing a great service or product to me?’ ‘Would they be competent enough to do me justice for the amount that has been paid?’ That is where customers drop off the pages. They feel that they cannot trust you. Content is king, it simply needs to be right. It needs to be optimized as well.  Get a good SEO company Bangkok to do this for you depending upon your location and you will see that the content gets noticed better.

Campaigns That Are Poorly Executed

Businesses have social media campaigns all the time. They are nothing new today. So, how is it possible that only some campaigns go on to become a success while others just fade out? A campaign that is a success is always something that resonates with the people who see it. It needs to have that sense of connection that can bring people together and make them relate to what is being said on the campaign. Even after the commercial is over, it needs to remain in their minds and when they are shopping for that particular product or service, your brand should be the first thing that pops into their mind. A campaign that is poorly executed can actually be the one with the most funding behind it but if the gravity of connection and conceptualization is missing the money spent on it will be a waste.


Monthly Plans That Are Poorly Conceived

Most businesses make use of a monthly plan or an editorial calendar that can help them organize what they will be posting on their business page each day or on a weekly basis. This needs to have enough variety and interesting features if it is to become something that drives traffic to your page and business. Avoid copying items, duplicating your own, and always doing the same old thing or making careless mistakes. Think outside the box.

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