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Important Tips for Setting Up Outdoor Lights


Outdoor lights are important for security as well as aesthetic appeal. Most homeowners dream of having a gorgeous outdoor lighting setup, especially for the warm months when evening parties are common. Setting up a wiring and lighting system outside your home is slightly different than doing so inside. Here are several very important tips you should keep in mind when setting up outdoor lighting:

Plan First

Planning is crucial for getting the outdoor lighting project right. When things are being wired, you cannot make impulsive decisions in the middle of the project without raising some serious safety concerns. Therefore, begin your project by planning.

Think about the type of outdoor lights you want. For example, do you want security lights at doorways or do you want line of yard lights around the pool? The requirements of the project will depend on your preferences.

So sit down and brainstorm the things you want. It would be helpful if you could mark on a rudimentary map of the yard where you want the lights placed. Think about the types of lights you want as well. Make notes of your plans to check for feasibility later with a professional electrician.

Buy the Right Items

If you are installing lights outdoors, you will need to buy bulbs and other material that’s suitable for outdoor use. Keep in mind that the bulbs and switches installed outside will be vulnerable to the elements. Invest in waterproof and weatherproof PowerPoint, bulb, and similar equipment that will last a long time without causing safety concerns like short circuits.

Consult with a professional electrician or an electrical equipment store regarding the types of plug bases and other items you should purchase for your project. You would want to keep both safely and appearance in mind.

Hire a Professional Electrician

You may be an experienced DIYer, but never undertake any project that involves wiring on your own. You will have to hire a professional, certified electrician for installing lights in the yard. Doing wiring requires proper qualifications. Otherwise, even a small mistake could lead to a fatal disaster later.

To find a great electrician that would suit the project, you can search online for small local businesses that specialise in installing garden or home lights. You can also ask your friends or co-workers for recommendations. Research the electricians online and read reviews posted by other customers if such are made available.

Aim for Energy Efficiency

Outdoor lights can cost a lot of money. You certainly don’t want to leave the garden lights on all night. Therefore, buy energy efficient bulbs to keep overall household electricity bill low. Buying bulbs with auto on/off features, dimmers, and motion sensitiveness would safe your family a lot of money.

Additionally, ask the professional electrician you hire about what can be done to ensure that the outdoor lighting system is energy efficient. You can look up local municipal council recommendations for energy efficiency for ideas.

Keep the above tips in your mind when installing lights outdoors. Remember, safety comes first. The system you install must be safe and energy efficient before anything else.

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