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Types of Bending Machines


These types of bending machines are commonly used in the construction industry and are made with the features to bend bars in various arcs and angles. There is a market for this particular type of machine because it has very little alternatives in the industry. Let us look at some of the variants and importance of these machines available in the market.

Electric Bending Machines

These come with the feature of bending bars of various lengths with a range of 4 mm to 60 mm and look to come in various sizes themselves to fit the needs of the consumer. Precision bend making is not easy to make which is why most machines have a hydraulic drive system in place and spring-back compensation to make it as accurate as possible to the precise degree. Most of these machines are linked to a software which helps the user control the bending process and adjust it according to the measurement required.  A good electric machine would be able to bend many metals with a consistent precision regardless of it is Aluminium, Steel or Iron. A quick setup is also needed during use which is why portable machines have an easy to use software so the machine itself can be ready for business with a minimum amount of hassle.

Manual Bending Machines

These bar bending machines are the more basic variants of the industry and are usually sought after in producing grids, doors, and balconies. These are primarily used for round or squared steel and mounted on workbenches when used. These machines are renowned in bending angles of various degrees and can be used in both cold and hot bending. They also come equipped with a long bending lever with lengths of 690mm and above alongside a wide supporting face for better control and handling.

Hydraulic Bending Machines

These are used when the bending angle required is within 180 degrees and come with the ability to process bars within 4mm to 60mm. These machines are relatively easy to maintain and are quite economical in terms of the power required to process steel and other metals. They are also easy to operate which means you do not have to be exceptionally skilled to operate them. Their durable nature means they won’t normally suffer from sudden breakages, so in terms of performance they are very reliable and consistent.

Automatic Bending Machines

These machines are popular in the industry due to the fact that they disregard the need for manual labour and are therefore cost-effective for large-scale construction companies. Punching in a few numbers will give you the desired results and angles. They are reliable to use and also emit the probability of human error in the bar bending process. This would increase the efficiency and precision involved. Most are built with copper motors with an extended longevity and are less demanding on power consumption as some of the other rival types of machines in the market. To top it all off, they come with a very sturdy steel work disk meaning there would be less regular maintenance involved.

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