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The different types of leather


When choosing leather products, you will need to understand that there are different types of leather and there are respective procedures that result in these leather products. There are many grains and processes that will bring about this lovely end product.

There are many clients that are very curious about how the leather has been made and what type should actually be purchased. If you search for leather workshop Singapore, there will be an entire list of workshops that will teach you the processes and the different varieties. Many of the sellers do not know about their own product which is quite alarming cause you might end up being sold something that is not genuine.

The best type

The best type of leather is the top grain or full grain leather. This is the upper layer of the hide, which has been separated into layers by using a splitting machine and obtaining the leather in different thicknesses. If there are any scars or any patterns of the haircell will show if it has not been treated correctly. This is used for shoes, upholstery and garments.

The second best

The further processing of the hides which has a lot of scars and scratches will be bring out the next level of leather which is known as embossed or corrected gain. After splitting to the needed thicknesses, the grain needs to be going through buffing, sanding and replacing it with embossed grain to ensure that the finish will be flawless with no scars at all. This type of leather is used for upholstery, handbags and shoes

The inexpensive one

This lower and second layer of skin that is remaining after the top grain layer is split suede. These leathers too come in different thickness depending on the requirement. this is essentially a by-product of tanning the hide which makes it inexpensive and therefore can used instead of the full grain. You can even get a synthetic result by further processing it even more to get a finished split. This type of leather is used for garments and furniture and is labelled as genuine leather but it actually is not.

The sensitive one

Using the top grain layer can be turned into a suede product by sanding the top grain, which will help produce the suede feeling. It will help to correct any imperfections however; this leather will be very sensitive. You cannot afford to have stains or any soil stains, as it is very difficult to get rid off. This type of leather is used for upholstery and garments too.

Now that you have an idea about the types of leather, you can choose the producs carefully.

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