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Things to Know about Clamps


Constructions work can be exciting to start with from putting that artistic touch to your work, paying much attention to details, but after our hands, it isn’t enough to get the job done the way we want it. That’s why there are many types of equipment in construction and framing of wood if used to make our work easier like more of acting an extra hand at our work. One piece of equipment is the usage of the clamp. The name itself can be simple, but when it comes to the world of tools in framing this has its name in the frame. Also known as fastening devices, clamps come in different types, structures to shapes to serve unique and variety of jobs.

Why are Clamps Used?

If you are a constructor or perhaps even carrying out little detail architecture works at your home, you surely are aware of how useful a clamp is, but there can be more than the picture in front of you. If you didn’t know clamps are used to grip or protect items tightly together and avoid movement or separation by applying an inward pressure, firmly till the edges meet securely. There are many types of clamps available for many different purposes thus there’s a clamp for almost any need.

Two Major Types

While clamps have an endless choice that is available to you there are two types of clamps that highlight the entire clamp family, that’s right, they can give you a clear idea in what clamps really are and their different uses.

Temporary clamps

These clamps, the name itself states that these are used for temporary uses, such as using clamps to hold tight two pieces of wood until the glue hardens while fixing them. For instance, bland clamps are used to secure huge picture frames proffering them the stability and right positioning to hold a picture.

Permanent Clamps

These, on the other hand, are used for permanent fixing where there’s no taking back of the clamp as its original structure once fixed. Additionally, these are used in huge architectural designs such as holding panels and wires in a bridge system. Here the clamps sometime would also act as nails or materials that hold forced together to a stronger bond. An example under this would be a marman clamp, which is a heavy-duty clamp that is used in aircraft. Meet your clamp requirements with the best toggle clamps on the market. Don’t settle for anything less.

Bar Clamps?

If you are one of this little crafty person then this is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer beginning a woodworking assignment, a bar clamp is mostly a frame containing of a long bar with two adjustable clamping jaws. Lightweight, but it comes handy in woodworking.

“C” Clamps?

This type of clamps are also used widely and commonly used to either clamp two pieces of a project together or to hold a work piece to the table.

There are different types of clamps for every project imaginable!

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